The 400-year History of the Military in Manitoba

  • Do you know who Admiral Sir Thomas Button was?
  • Which of the three ships shown on the “Quadricentennial” coin was used by Thomas Button in his voyage of 1612?
  • Was this the same ship that Henry Hudson sailed in 1610?
  • Why was the sinking of the ship the “Pelican” significant to Manitoba’s history

If you have an interest in the 400 year history of the military in Manitoba then you are at the right place. 

We have completed a project which developed an overview of the history of the military in Manitoba. It is available in both written and visual format to increase the awareness of Manitoba’s rich history and the impressive contribution Manitobans have made to world peace and security. It presents a mosaic of historical events illustrating Manitoba’s Military Heritage.

The year 1612 is the starting point of Military history in Manitoba. That was when the first meeting of a European formed military unit and Aboriginal peoples took place on land which became Manitoba.

The information gathered during the project will aid in the production of a feasibility study and a business plan to determine the organization, financial considerations and potential cultural and tourist value associated with the incredible history.

The project was managed by Black Island Group Inc. who commissioned experts in the field of military history with professional with extensive experience within the Manitoba military museum and heritage community and who have an established success record in major literary works and historical research.